Post-war b&w film.

I do not know very much about it, not gonna lie. I remember that a woman is living with her father or father-in-law at the top of the hill across from the main street in town, which is all being cased because the President is coming to visit (I don't remember if they say who the President is or even if they say, sorry) and I think she maybe knew one of the FBI agents or whatever that comes to make sure everything is safe. I also remember that her son is in elementary school and also lives with her. He isn't allowed to play with guns because his father died in the war. His classmates apparently make fun of him for it and the grandfather/f-i-l tells the mother that she's being silly and stupid about it.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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If i'm not around much this week, it's because about half of the keys on my keyboard have decided to stop working and there is apparently not another whole one in the house. Oh, joy.

i now have a nice new keyboard.
i shall name it FRED.